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North Carolina ranks 46th in the US in teacher salary. We had a 15.7% average salary decline in the past decade. We pay our teachers $10,000 less than than the national average. A quality public school education depends on quality public school teachers; there's a mountain of research data pointing to the critical role our teachers play in student achievement. According to the Center for Public Education, “Having an effective teacher consistently rises to the top as the most important factor in learning—more so than student ethnicity or family income, school attended, or class size.” Experience, advanced degrees, and subject-specific certification are among many teacher credentials that contribute to student achievement. If we are not offering competitive salaries, it will be increasingly difficult for North Carolina to attract and retain these types of teachers. It is TIME to show your constituents and the citizens of North Carolina that education is just as important to you Governor, as it is to us. 

Letter to
Governor, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
Lt Governor, North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest
Executive Director, NC Business Committee for Education Sue Breckenridge
Raise North Carolina Teacher Salaries to the National Average. Reverse the 15% decline in Teacher Salaries that occurred in the past 12 years and make North Carolina competitive again. This is vital to attracting and retaining quality teachers that directly influence the success and achievement of North Carolina students. A ranking of 46th out of 50 States is embarrassing, and reflects poorly on our elected officials and the priority they place on education.