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Petitioning State Senator Chad Barefoot and 22 others

Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina General Assembly: Fund NCCAT

NCCAT's funding for the new budget has been completely removed. NCCAT’s mission is to keep high-quality teachers in the classroom, advancing teaching beyond that of a simple job to an art form and a profession. By renewing their love for teaching, and improving the quality and enthusiasm of the teachers themselves, NCCAT ultimately improves student engagement in learning and academic achievement.

Letter to
State Senator Chad Barefoot
State Senator Josh Stein
State Representative Christopher Whitmire
and 20 others
State Representative Justin Burr
State Representative Hugh Blackwell
State Representative Rick Glazier
State Representative Chuck McGrady
State Representative D. Craig Horn
North Carolina State House
North Carolina State Senate
Governor Patrick McCrory
State Representative Nelson Dollar
State Representative Linda Johnson
State Senator Tom Apodaca
State Senator Jerry Tillman
State Senator Philip Berger
State Senator Peter Brunstetter 2
State Senator Neal Hunt 2
State Representative Thom Tillis
State Representative Paul Stam
State Representative Bryan Holloway
State Representative Brian Brown
North Carolina Governor

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