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I can't believe a  city that has only 1,300 people and they are gassing about a hundred dogs a day .Where are all these dogs coming from?? There are to many dogs in a cage  small dogs with big dogs AND dead dogs with live dogs there are videos to prove this . Sick dogs get killed get no medical.

This is a gassing shelter and carts full of small dogs in with big dogs AND way to many puppies  are killed  by the carts full that's how they gas them by the carts full . The cages  are fifty and to many dogs in one cage no medical and  no beds and no blankets  for sick dogs . This is a cement hell hole for animals We DEMAND  all animals cages are not wet and no dead and sick animals should be in with alive ones and each dog should have his own bowl of food and  stop Gassing  dogs its inhumane!!!

I have NEVER  seen a shelter that haunted me more then this one there are pictures of this to prove why  I am doing this petition on them. This isn't only a shelter problem there its a community problem to  .People need to fix there animals and stop dumping them on the streets to. I have never seen so many pictures of  a shelter that had so many things wrong with it like this one Palm Valley . Stop this inhumane treatment of all the dogs that enter your  shelter!!

I am so haunted by the pictures and videos of this hell hole for dogs. The Mayor  George Rivera who has done nothing to change things  and its his shelter it looks like he don't care so we must  speak up for the voiceless animals in this so called hell hole of a shelter for the dogs. Please sign and share this !!!!They are taking dogs more dogs from  other counties cant even take care of there own  dogs .DEMAND CHANGES NOW!!!!