my son was wrongfully convicted, his 43 yrs old, no criminal back ground, no evidence, he was promised probation, but sentenced to 8 yrs, his ex-wife made up a accusation of sexual assault, there is no evidence, no dna, the innocence project investigated, and said there is nothing to get him back into court with, we are at a dead end, false accusers must stop ruining lifes, thank you, be blessed. S.Breznicki, C.E.O. wrongful convictions of ohio.

Letter to
Governor of Ohio John Kasich
judge at cuyahoga county common pleas Hollie Gallagher
State Senator Shirley Smith
and 3 others
State Representative Armond Budish
Ohio State Senate
Governer of Ohio John Kasich
help a innocent man regain his freedom., he was and is wrongfully convicted, do the right thing, forget politics, this is a innocent human being, blessings.sherry breznicki, C.E.O. wrongful convictions of ohio.