Proper Gaps should be given in final exams of College after the lockdown is over.

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We all know that our whole nation and world is currently facing the problems of a pandemic caused by the spread of Novel Corona Virus Covid19 and fighting it. Thus, to take control over this pandemic many countries along with our own country India has gone for a complete lockdown. The lockdown was started nationwide from 25th March and at some places: on or before 21st March. During these months, exams of the school and college students are taken but because of the lockdown, these exams could not be held.

In this respect, almost all of the states are making decisions. In this stream of decisions, Hon'ble Governor of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Lalji Tandon has also taken a decision that as soon as the lockdown period (on 3 May) gets over the Universities through their respective Vice Chancellors are directed to take exams of their college students. In accordance with this order Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of the universities have directed the affiliated colleges to take exams just after the lockdown. Especially, the exams of the final year students of the undergraduate program and the 4th Semester Students of the Post Graduate program are to be taken CONTINUOUSLY, WITHOUT ANY OR NEGLIGIBLE GAP; even on the days of LEAVES/Holidays. 

{REQUEST: If you are not a college student or don't have any concerned student in your family, still PLEASE READ & SIGN THIS PETITION thinking about future of us(students).}

This order looks good if we see it from the system perspective but it is very harmful to the students because due to the conversion of the Semester system into the Year system again, we have to give 10-11 exams together. It is very exhausting for us to give a double number of exams together even with gaps because we can't revise the whole syllabus in one-two-three days for the exam as the syllabus in colleges is very big and vast. In this very difficult situation if we are not given the proper gaps also then. I am afraid and very scared we will not be able to give even half of our efforts in the exams.

It sounds like we have got almost 1 and a half months extra for our studies but, this is not the same as the gaps in the exams. The gaps in the exams matter much more as compared to the extra time given before the exams. We are in the last year of our academic life and the Marksheet of the Last Year has the most value for our future jobs and services. If we couldn't give our 100% in these exams, this will lead us to stress, depression and tension. Also, it will result in failure to get our dream jobs or admission to dreamt universities for further studies. Consequently, it may result in a number of successful/unsuccessful suicide attempts too. 

We, the students of colleges/ universities, can face the delay in getting the degrees up to One Year, but we cannot compromise with our marks and so with our career & future

So, I most respectfully and humbly request the concerned/competent authorities here, to take look into the aforementioned matter and consider the following recommendations as per your will and required modifications:-

  1. Allow/Suggest/Direct Universities to give proper gaps in the exams.
  2. If gaps cannot be given then, extra compensatory marks must be given to keep up with the score.
  3. Other measures which according to you is more helpful for students.

Please Sign This Petition, requesting the education department and Ministers/Politicians to help the students and give gaps between the exams of universities.