Shut Down the Annual Dog Meat Festival In Yulin, China!

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Every single year, thousands of innocent dogs are rounded up to be beaten in Yulin, China as a part of a Dog Meat Festival! More than 10,000 dogs are killed annually during this event.

This festival is cruel and hideous. It started in 2010 and has no religious or ceremonial value. The dogs are beaten and then skinned alive — crying out in agony as people cheer on the butchers. Then the poor creatures are fed to people all over the city.

Outraged and feeling desperate to do something, anything for these helpless dogs, I started this petition to say enough is enough — it’s time to STOP the Yulin Dog Meat Festival permanently!

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows how sensitive, loyal, loving and trusting dogs are. Please sign my petition to help END this despicable festival for good. If you need more coaxing to sign, watch this video and see if you can stomach what happens to the dogs. You won't be able to sleep.

Please help out poor Luna.

Lets make a change!