NSUI Goa demands waive off semester fees during this crises

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This letter is to bring to your notice that many colleges are asking semester fees from the students in the month of august, Sir we are all aware due to lockdown and covid-19 impacted our country and state’s economy, and the same has forced many parents to loose their jobs and earning capacity. Covid-19 and current financial status of the student families are not helping them to continue their education. Many students may lead the path of sucide if the their earning members couldn’t manage to pay their huge fees and there will be many dropouts due to this crises.

Due to the Covid pendemic and economic slow down, the student parents are going through immense financial tensions due to loss of their jobs or stoppage of business activities and in such conditions asking the students to pay such huge semester fees is great injustice on students . The Government should have shown some humanity in these critical times and given some concessions in semester fees giving relief to the students.

The intentions of Government looks like to loot the parents in the name of semester fees even in times of pandemic and financial stress and push the students into mental and financial depression which may result in many dropouts and sucides in Goa.

The duty of the Government is to help the students during such crisis but the Education Department,DHE and DTE is doing just the opposite. Instead of providing relief you are asking money from helpless parents and students.

Based on various suggestions we received from students all over Goa. On behalf of the students of Goa, NSUI Goa demands for few necessary points:-

1. The Government must immediately direct all colleges/institutions to stop asking fees for the academic year 2020-21 in such financial crises.

2. Colleges/institutions needs to waive of the semester fees of academic year 2020/21, if not then give them concessions and waive-off atleast 60% of the fees.

3. The concession fees need to be collected by colleges/institutions only after commencement of the academic year 2020-21, and also instalment facilities should be given to the students for fee payment.

4. Also hostel fees needs to be waived off since no students is utilising it and same should be followed to academic year 2020-21.

I hope you will understand that the issue expressed here is a matter of genuine and serious concern,We believe that appropriate decisions will be taken.

Yours Sincerely,

Naushad Chowdhari,
President,NSUI North Goa.