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Governor of Arizona: Re-trial for Debra Milke, innocent to be put to death by the government!

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Debra Jean Milke was sentenced to death January 18, 1991 for a crime she did not commit, victim of police negligence and corruption. She was not only wrongly accused but stereotyped due to her economical situation and circumstances as a single mother. The only "evidence" the detective had of her guilt was his claim that she confessed three days later after interrogation. However, there was no recording of this confession, NOR was there a Miranda waiver signed. There was no proof because Debra did NOT confess. Debra did NOT sign a waiver, she didn't know her rights. She did not have a fair trial. The case was inflated with fantasies confected by the detective and was stuffed with accusations, but not any solid proof. Whatever holes were left in the case, the media filled up with lies. And since then she has spent 22 years waiting to be escorted to the execution chamber.

We are asking the state of Arizona for reconsideration in Debra Milke's case. Her guilt is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. We must ask the governor of Arizona to bring justice to the forgotten where it went wrong. 

Let's write together one thousand letters to the Governor of Arizona by June 30th, 2013.

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