Equality For Performing Arts

Equality For Performing Arts

March 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Marie Long

Performing Arts students should have the same opportunities athletes have!

Our WHY: Our Performing Arts students’ physical and emotional well-being are being affected and feel they should have the right to perform!

Our WHAT: Equal Opportunity to Discriminatory Regulations

Sporting events have been allowed to move forward, even sports deemed as high risk (for spreading infectious particles) by the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS): wrestling, football, lacrosse, cheerleading and dance while Performing Arts events regulations make it hard to create a quality performance due to the stringent guidelines.


1.   Performers must wear masks while performing while Athletes don’t have to wear masks while actively participating (only on the sidelines).  Executive Order 63 states that face masks are exempt when individuals are exercising (i.e. - dance). 

2.  10 ft physical distance requirement for performers involved in physical movement (i.e.-dance) or activities that may increase respiration (singing/instruments). Athletes are in close proximity during physical activity that increases respiration. 

3.  Number of participants for performing arts groups is limited to 5-10 participants while sports teams are not limited to this number.  

Our GOAL: The Regulations UPDATED for Performing Arts to accommodate an adequate amount of students for a QUALITY performance!

TAKE ACTION: Governor Northam and County Officials!





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Signatures: 1,651Next Goal: 2,500
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