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Eli's Law

What is Eli's Law?

Eli's Law! Prohibit any person from displaying for the purpose of sale, selling, delivering, offering for sale, bartering, auctioning or giving away or disposing of a companion animal in any public place to include flea markets, streets, parking lots, carnivals, sidewalk, areas exterior to shops or business. Eli's Law does not prohibit adoption or display of organizations such as animal rescue groups, animal shelters or humane societies licensed to operate in South Carolina.



Prohibiting the above will largely impact backyard breeders and puppy mills operating in the state of South Carolina. Animals are kept in cages much too small. They are often sold out of boxes, Rubbermaid containers, out of the back of a car, truck beds. Often times exposed to extreme weather conditions without the benefits of food, water or shelter.

Animals are simply handed over without medical records, given to the first person that offers cash. Most animals have never seen a veterinarian or received basic care with respect to parasites, parvo and other variable disease. 

Uneducated and trusting individuals will take the "word" of the seller without realizing their newly purchased puppy may have been exposed to all the above. They are also told of a fictitious parentage at times. 

Every individual charge or pending charges for running a Puppy Mill in the Upstate of South Carolina this year alone sold their animals at such venues. Some still do. 

Puppy Mills and Back Yard Breeders thrive in this environment. They can make it up as they go, collect their monies and continue breeding. More often than not they do so in deplorable conditions.

Reputable Breeders will not be affected by Eli's Law, since they allow the Buyer to meet and greet parents and allow the buyer to visit their breeding facility.

Further benefits of Eli's Law will be to manage domestic over-population of unaltered animals. 

Decrease the cost to the taxpaying public devoted to animal control facilities. Many of the sellers will leave the un-sold animals behind for ACO to collect the next business day.

It has also been proven in areas where such an ordinance/law exists that the general public will seek out adoption centers operated by rescues and community animal shelters. Thus allowing altered and fully vaccinated animals to enter our neighborhoods. This will also impact the over population of our shelters and lower the euthanasia rate.

Preventing impulse purchase of an animal will greatly reduce the intake numbers at local shelters after families realize they made an emotional and not well thought out decision.

Over breeding and over selling unaltered animals is not only a public nuisance but a hit to everyone that pays taxes in South Carolina. Lowering any and all portions of this activity will put money into our state where it is needed. 


Flea Market Owners and Operators will not allow the sale so no other policing will have to be completed. Store Owners will be aware of this law and will be able to monitor their parking lots. Eli's law should not have a financial burden on the tax payers since most establishments will be able to monitor by disallowing this activity to occur on their property.

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Letter to
Office of the Governor, 1205 Pendleton Street Columbia, SC 29201 Governor Nikki R. Haley
Dear Governor Haley,

I just signed a petition in support of Eli's Law.

Your state is ranked as one of the worst states with respect to laws protecting companion animals.

Enacting Eli's Law will help change this.

Please take away the store front for back yard breeders and puppy mill operators. Reputable breeders do not sell their animals out of a truck bed or cardboard box.

Help bring South Carolina to where it needs to be with respect to the ethical treatment of our companion animals.

Please be that Governor that listens and cares. Make a change.