End the unjust & dangerous incarceration of Keiana, a child sex trafficking survivor

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Keiana is a 25-year-old sex trafficking survivor whose life is hanging in a balance. 

Keiana grew up in an abusive home, was raped as a child, and then sex-trafficked as a runaway teenager in Sacramento, California.  While still a child, she was prosecuted as an adult for her participation in the robbery of a grown man who was trying to purchase her for sex acts and the creation of child pornography.  

She has been in prison for the last 8 years and is completely isolated because of the COVID-19 conditions at the California Institute for Women. Her mental health is rapidly deteriorating and she has recently attempted suicide.  She only has 8 months left on her sentence, but that is too long. 

Her continued incarceration is unnecessary, dangerous, and unjust.  Tell the Governor to commute her sentence NOW!

Keiana has dreams of helping kids like her when she gets out. She has her whole life ahead of her. She just needs to be in a supportive environment where she can thrive, rather than alone in a prison cell.

Read more about Keiana here: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-09-07/sex-trafficking-victim-suicidal-newsom-clemency