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Do away with passing Milestones Standardized Testing requirements for kids to be promoted

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Do you really believe that the scores your child gets on the Georgia Milestones standardized tests should be used to retain or require for them to go to summer school. Or the pressure that it puts on children or the costs of the financial resources robbed from the local school systems (millions of dollars spent so far), the educational time spent to teach the children how to take the tests properly, the actual time spent taking the tests, the emotional energy spent reassuring children just to relax and not stress about it and the list could go on and on? 

Well I don't!  I think that the grades and assessments that the teachers do throughout the school year are enough and do reflect how well the children are learning the content.  I want my local superintendent, the state superintendent, the Governor and the Georgia Legislature to listen to parents (and teachers!) and stop wasting our precious educational tax dollars on these Georgia Milestones standardized tests. And allow parents to opt out of the GA Milestone Testing without having to go through an appeal process. 

According to the North Fulton Herald (Feb. 5, 2015), "Georgia entered into a contract for $108 million to develop the Georgia Milestones as the state’s annual assessment beginning this school year. That figure does not include the millions of dollars spent to develop and validate test questions and the communications components to educate and inform the public, according to state officials."  Let's find new ways to spend our educational tax dollars in the classrooms instead.

According to the Macon Telegraph (Jan. 24, 2016),  state Superintendent Richard Woods during a budget hearing at the Capitol, stated that Georgia gives standardized tests at a rate three timesthat required by the federal government.  

Since any change to the state tests would most likely require approval of Georgia lawmakers, we need to take a stand now. Let's make our voices heard and tell our government officials to only meet the federal government standardized testing requirements of math and English and not add extra standardized testing in Georgia.  Give the money back to local school systems, the power back to teachers, and the classroom (and recess!) time back to students.

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