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Petitioning Governor Nathan Deal and Georgia State Board of Education

Review SACS findings, if accurate REPLACE the Dekalb County School Board.


Dekalb County School Board members have apparently strayed from their focus on their fiduciary duty to Dekalb County's next generation and devolved into political bickering and self serving power struggles. Strong action by the State School Board and the Governor IS REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY. SACS closing comments: "Despite attempts of various experts and organizations to bring about sustained change in the culture and operation of the Board of Education, extensive efforts, costs and resources expended in this endeavor appear to have been soon as the monitoring concluded and members were left to self-regulate, their own patterns of behavior re-emerged...if not corrected immediately thousands of Dekalb County students will be negatively impacted for years to come."

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  • Governor Nathan Deal and Georgia State Board of Education

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