No Fracking Waiver for NM

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Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham should not seek a waiver from Biden’s pause on new oil and gas leases on federal lands. Every state needs to do it's part to draw down emissions, before we hit catastrophic climate tipping points.  

Governor Grisham has shown leadership on renewable energy and we need that same leadership to start to draw down emissions, in accordance with the IPCC report. The US will need to draw down 50% of it’s emissions by 2030 and all states will need to work towards this goal. Starting on public lands is a good first step. 

In New Mexico, there are 60,000 active oil and gas wells, with more than 31,000 wells on federal public lands. In the Trump era, the oil and gas industry stockpiled 5,000 new, but unused, federal drilling permits, that will take years for industry to extract. Biden’s proposed moratorium will not stop production from wells on already leased lands. So oil and gas’s fear mongering is unfounded. 

Governor Grisham is a Grandmother and we know that she wants to protect our planet for our children. That is why we are asking her to take bold leadership and partner with the Biden administration and our new Secretary of Interior, Deb Haaland to draw down emissions. 

The health of our planet and our children’s future depends on us taking action now.

Please send a hand written letter to Governor Grisham with your concerns to:

490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room 400
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