Alaska House Representative David Eastman Must Resign

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On January 6, 2021, Congress was attacked by a far-right/fascist mob. The mob was trying to stop Congress from certifying the 2020 electoral college. Alaska House Representative David Eastman admits to be present for this attack. He has tried to blame anti-fascists for the attack on Congress. However, if you look at any of his social media posts, he believes and supports unfounded conspiracy theories about voting fraud and that the 2020 presidential election has been rigged.

AK House Representative Eastman represents the worst elements of Alaska. His behavior and conduct on January 6, is unbecoming of an Alaskan legislator, and is anti-democratic. David Eastman is unfit to hold office. He must resign. If he refuses to do so, than the Alaska Legislature must expel him from the Alaska House.

Alaska is facing an unprecedented economic and social crisis. We need elected officials that value and uphold the principles of democracy. Representative Eastman is an unprincipled and dangerous element. Please sign our petition calling for his resignation. The government failed the people in 2020, we must hold them accountable in 2021. We need to start with Alaska House Representative David Eastman.