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Stop AEP-Elect the PSC

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A Copy of this Petition will be sent to every city and county government, as well as every state senator and state representative, and Governor Matt Bevin.

  • AEP/Kentucky Power is again asking for an unfair and greedy rate increase on senior citizens, veterans, low- and middle-income families, out-of-work coal miners, and small businesses;
  • The Kentucky Public Service Commission is unelected, unaccountable, and readily grants rate increase requests by AEP/Kentucky Power;
  • The Kentucky PSC is unelected and unaccountable to anyone, since the three members are appointed by the Governor. This agency needs to be abolished and a directly elected PSC put in place that represents the interests of all Kentucky citizens not just a small set of corporate interests.

Full petition wording:

We, the undersigned, citizens of Southeastern Kentucky and customers of AEP/Kentucky Power, do hereby petition our city councils, city commissions, and county fiscal courts, as well as state representatives, state senators, and Governor Matt Bevin, to unite against the arbitrary and greedy actions of AEP/Kentucky Power as they once again file for a rate increase. Since 2010, this public utility monopoly has requested from the Kentucky Public Service Commission rate increases that have caused massive fees, surcharges, and rates to be added to monthly power bills of senior citizens, disabled veterans, unemployed coal miners, small businesses, middle-income families. In fact, each and every person and business in Southeastern Kentucky in their service territory has been subjected to out-of-control corporate greed by a public utility monopoly that is subsidized by the government, protected by the government, and enabled by the government to kill coal jobs, bankrupt lower income persons, senior citizens, and unemployed coal miners.

Under the current system, AEP/Kentucky Power is protected as a monopoly with no competitor while an unelected Public Service Commission, a government agency that is supposed to regulate and provide oversight that public utilities are not hurting customers has a long-standing cozy relationship with not only AEP/Kentucky Power but all public utility monopolies. These three (3) people are appointed by the Governor and are unaccountable to anyone. These individuals come from the public utility industry or from law firms or accounting firms, or similar professional areas, that are connected to the public utility industry.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Southeastern Kentucky and customers of AEP/Kentucky Power, do hereby further petition our city councils, city commissions, and county fiscal courts to pass resolutions that 1) oppose the rate increase by AEP/Kentucky Power and 2) support legislation, such as the legislation proposed by State Senator Ray S. Jones, II, that would abolish the appointed, three-member panel of the Public Service Commission and replace it with a larger, directly elected body of state-wide composed Public Service Commission in order to establish greater accountability, transparency, and responsive to all Kentuckians.

We further petition our state representatives, state senators, and Governor Matt Bevin to do all that is possible to end the monopoly of the public utilities that presently exists in the power generation industry. By ending their guaranteed monopoly on power generation and open that industry to competition, which will force public utilities to reduce rates on customers and to improve customer service and accountability, government will end the price-gouging greed of the public utility monopoly.

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