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Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma: Stop the Federal Proceedings against Dr. Antonella Carpenter.

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Accused of fraud, for successfully treating cancer without pharmaceutical drugs or cancer causing radiation. In the name of justice, STOP the proceedings against Dr. Carpenter.

She is a physicist working as a holistic healer, using only natural elements and methods to treat cancer.

She has been operating in Oklahoma since Jan. 2009 and she has brought patients to the Tulsa area from all over the world to receive her treatment.

She has had many amazing success stories but she has never been able to attract the interest of mainstream medicine.

Ever since she moved to Oklahoma (from Arkansas) she has been targeted, harassed and insulted by out-of-state interests and organizations because she operated undisturbed under the Oklahoma Health Freedom Act. However many interest groups (like the Pharmaceutical Industry and FDA) do not like to see patients healed from any illness (especially cancer) without the use of harsh drugs.

Based on one complaint, coming from a patient who did not follow the post treatment guidelines and suffered the harsh consequences of standard care, FDA obtained and executed a warrant, signed by a Judge in Oklahoma, under the false statement that Dr. Carpenter's office was a store selling adulterated drugs, in addition to being a manufacturing facility holding adulterated medical equipment for interstate sale. Both claims were falsely introduced to justify FDA intervention, since the federal agency does not have authority over medical practice, standard or alternative.

The raid completely destroyed Dr. Carpenter's business, and any means for her to make a living and survive; if that were not enough, FDA worked with a local US Attorney and successfully called for a Grand Jury investigation.

Dr. Carpenter no longer has any sufficient means to survive, let alone hire an attorney experienced in such matters. Similar persecutions of alternative practitioners have happened often in the US, but not in Oklahoma; now other States have introduced legislation similar to the Oklahoma Health Freedom Act, because people are demanding choices and a return to the principle of "first do no harm", which apparently has been abandoned by the AMA as a mere "old" idea.

Dr. Carpenter decided to act as her own attorney and testify in front of the Grand Jury, with the intent of exposing the truth; but in spite of all the exculpating evidence, in the form of full scientific proof of her claims, and written testimonials from patients, her evidence was ignored at best. The prosecuting attorney, following the statements of FDA, kept insisting that Dr. Carpenter is in fact guilty of mail and wire fraud because she was using a "drug" not approved by FDA and was operating illegally in Oklahoma, based on the fact that she is not a Native American healer.

Dr. Carpenter offers to patients an improved form of Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) which requires the use of a tissue sensitizing compound, which in case of standard PDT is one choice of a set of possible drugs, approved by FDA. Dr. Carpenter’s treatment utilized a stain derived from nature, which is a combination of water, salt and food coloring. Food coloring was approved for human consumption by FDA approximately 50 years ago.

Along with the insistence that Dr. Carpenter’s treatment does not work, in spite of evidence stating otherwise, the claim of having violated FDA rules is added to the charges.

We fear that the decision against her has already been passed and Dr. Carpenter has therefore been indicted, and it is only a matter of time before she is arrested.

Dr. Carpenter has dedicated her life to helping people and she has charged her patients only the amount needed to keep her operation going and trying to recuperate at least part of the cost of 30 years of effort. She has never received any public nor private grants to reach such amazing results and provide her life saving therapy, which actually stops and kills the cancer in place without pain, suffering, horrible side effects and mutilation.

But when she makes such statements about her therapy, she is accused of fraud, in spite of the overwhelming evidence from patients who followed her post treatment guidelines in full. We are asking you, Governor Fallin, to please protect and shield from persecution one of the residents of your State, who is not only saving lives, but is also bringing tourism into Oklahoma, from the whole country and the world, because her patients do not suffer during her treatment and can enjoy the local amenities while undergoing the suffering-free and effective therapy offered by Dr. Carpenter.

Why is this important?

In recent years FDA has consistently abused the rights of individuals, by twisting and blatantly ignoring what the agency's mission is, as well as their own definition of what constitutes a “drug.” FDA is at will ignoring people’s rights and freedom of choice. In this particular instance, the government Agency is interfering with the laws of the State of Oklahoma, nullifying them and abusing what the state is providing for its residents.

This of course carries importance on a national level, and with this petition, we hope that you will set an example for other States to follow, in order to stop FDA from depriving US citizens of their right to choose how to handle their own health, in addition to free access to information, freedom to conduct business, and the general pursuit of happiness in all of its aspects.

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