The right to camp without a reservation

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Recently the Governor has made a change that affects all of the citizens of Wyoming. Now to camp at any state park you must make a reservation first and pay a reservation fee on top of the park fee. There is no more getting off early on a Friday and buzzing out to the lake anymore. We should not have to pay more and ask before we are allowed to camp. It is a tradition for many families to spend a majority of the summer with their friends and family. Mr. Gordon should not have tried to tamper with that. Let's get some signatures going to show him that the people that he works for are not pleased with this new decision! Let's take back one of our freedoms of being able to do something as simple as camp without asking permission. If this law stays in place it will make it harder for families and friends to get together and enjoy the easy life that is camping. We need to stick together and demand that things go back to the way they were. To just be able to pull into any spot of your liking next to your loved ones. Camping is a big part of my family's lifes as I am sure it is others. We don't need to check in to make sure it's okay that we got out and enjoy the outdoors. The state parks belong to us so let's take them back!