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Governor Malloy: Thank You for Standing Up for Education

“Let’s be honest with ourselves, and let’s speak bluntly: many parts of our system of public education are broken.”

That was the stirring wake up call issued by Governor Malloy in his 2012 State of the State Address, and it couldn’t have come at a more pressing time. We live in the state with the largest achievement gap in the country. Even our top achievers are falling behind their peers in other states and other countries. And despite a 20 percent increase in education spending over the last decade, our students’ achievement has flatlined since 2003.

No more – our children simply cannot afford to have our state leaders hit the snooze button for another year. From educator certification and evaluations, to school turnarounds, to teacher tenure reform, Governor Malloy has laid out a bold set of proposals that can launch our state back to the top. Now it’s up to the legislature to bring these proposals, along with other necessary changes, to life in the kind of robust, student-centered legislation our kids have been waiting on for years.

We all need to respond to Governor Malloy’s wake up call and come together to make this change. This is 2012, the Year for Education Reform!

Please take a moment to let Governor Malloy know you appreciate his leadership on these issues and his calls for meaningful education reform in 2012. 

It’s time to Wake Up, Connecticut!

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