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Allow patients like Cindy to grow their own supply of medical marijuana

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My wife Cindy has been battling breast cancer for more than 20 years. She is currently undergoing treatments that are saving her life, but the treatments cause her to feel constantly sick and anti-nausea drugs just haven't helped.

Desperate for relief, she tried medical marijuana and it made a big difference. Unfortunately, we have no legal way of obtaining it. That’s why, as a state legislator, I cosponsored HB 573, which would allow cultivation of up to three plants for each qualifying patient and also for the creation of five state-regulated alternative treatment centers.

The home grow provision is essential for three reasons:
(1) Patients in Cindy’s situation can’t afford to wait two or more years for dispensaries to open.
(2) When dispensaries finally do open, their products will be more expensive than many patients can afford, on top of all their other medical bills. We can’t afford to pay the $400 per ounce that is being charged at dispensaries in Maine and other states.
(3) It’s irrational to make medical marijuana legal for patients who are suffering, yet maintain felony penalties against patients who grow a few plants for themselves!

Patients like Cindy need access to medical marijuana NOW, and all we’re asking for is to be protected from arrest if we choose to grow a few plants — just as patients in Vermont, Maine, and many other states are protected.

Is this really too much to ask in the “Live Free or Die” state? The House didn’t think so — we passed the bill 286-64 with overwhelming bipartisan support. Unfortunately, Governor Hassan has now told Senators they need to remove the home cultivation provision from HB 573 if they want the bill to become law.

What makes this even more maddening is the fact that in 2009, Governor Hassan voted FOR a bill (HB 648) that would have allowed patients to cultivate up to SIX plants. Why would she change her position? Simple, because the police chiefs’ association insisted. This article tells the sad story:

Please tell Governor Hassan that the needs of patients are more important than the preferences of few police chiefs!

You can contact the Governor's office by calling 603-271-2121.

Thanks for your support,

Rep. Ted Wright
Tuftonboro, New Hampshire

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