Fix Maryland Unemployment NOW

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There are now millions of people who cannot get through the phone lines to complete their unemployment applications. Those few that  have completed the application are either pending or approved but haven’t received their debit cards and if they did receive their cards there is no money in them. Some have gotten unemployment for a couple weeks and all of a sudden the payments stop. 

We have been trying for over 10 weeks (as of May 17, 2020) to call for help. Calling hundreds or even thousands of times a day just to try to reach one person to finish our applications or those trying to figure out why they are "Pending" and still not getting any money, with no answers in sight.  We have waited on calls for up to 7 hrs and after that wait get hung up on. We have emailed with no responses. 

At this point many of us already have or are about to run out of money for basic needs like food and rent. We're trying to borrow money from friends, or starting GoFundMes, or going to food banks, but how long can this last? 

We propose the following changes:

1) Allow all incomplete applications to be filled out and completed over the internet.  Even if they have to start over. #WaiveTheCall

2) Implement a numbered CallbackSystem for all people to have the option of leaving their phone number for a return call. 

3) Immediately disburse funds for Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC) to those with pending applications, including the Self Employed and all those waiting for approval of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).

4) Stop the weekly required webcert/telecert. 

5) Hire a new company to handle the calls and applications. 

6) Honor what was promised to people. Pay from the start of the State shutdown including the PUC. 


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