CT Estheticians & Beauticians seeking guideline adjustments

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Hello, my name is Jessica Budney and I am the owner of a day spa in Deep River, CT called Blissful Beauty. We offer a wide range of services from lashes and massages to facials.

Since March of 2020 we have had to put any service requiring the removal of face masks on hold. For my spa and many spas like mine, this is a HUGE portion of our business. Rent, utilities and taxes are all still due- limited to 50% capacity for both room usage and 50% clients allowed in one given day, WE ARE STRUGGLING!

Our industry is crumbling to the ground while our state takes away our livelihood and everything else we have worked SO hard for! If we are using proper sanitation, hand washing, and wearing proper PPE- how is what we do any different than having your teeth cleaned, med spas performing lip injections and medical facials, eating indoors without a mask? 

WE HAVE FLATTENED THE CURVE. WE HAVE FOLLOWED THE RULES. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We can no longer sit around, we need to speak up!! Our voices need to be heard!!!! Other "green" states around us are able to provide services like this at the clients choice. THIS SHOULD BE OUR CHOICE TO PROVIDE THESE SERVICES, THIS SHOULD BE OUR CLIENTS CHOICE RECEIVE THESE SERVICES, NOT THE STATES. This is our livelihood, these are our businesses and this is the industry we know and love. LETS FIGHT FOR IT!

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