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This is a picture of Ava, our three-year-old friend who loves horses and wants to continue to grow up with wild horses. We all do, but the State of Nevada and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) frequently takes free-roaming horses off the land.

UPDATE: We have reason to celebrate, as both the BLM and the State of Nevada have recently announced changes to the way they sell horses to keep them out of slaughterhousesand we are very glad about that!

However, we also think the horses should be left on the land to continue their valuable role in the Nevada ecosystem instead of spending time in short- or long-term holding facilities at the taxpayer’s expense. Through years of experience and observation of wild herds, renowned wild horse ecologist, biologist and author, Craig Downer, believes wild horses should live on wildlife reserves and be allowed to get to a population that is determined by nature. Craig, along with other concerned people and wild horse organizations, want wild horses and burros preserved and protected and have the expertise to help accomplish this goal.

Letter to
Senate Committee on Natural Resources
Director, Nevada State Department of Agriculture James R. Barbee
Governor Brian Sandoval
and 1 other
Nevada Governor
Together with the Youths’ Equine Alliance (YEA!) and Craig Downer, we are asking the State of Nevada and the BLM to work with wild horse advocacy organizations in accordance the Wild Horses and Burro Free-Roaming Act of 1971.

We recommend that the State of Nevada work cooperatively not only with the BLM, but also other experienced people and organizations, to restore wild horses into the three legal herd areas adjoining the Virginia and Flowery ranges of Nevada. These are areas where wild horses were found in 1971 and have legitimate right to live in freedom.

These horses enhance the ecosystem in many ways, including serving to reduce fire. They have been adapting here for many generations and must not be further reduced. Fences should be constructed together with overpasses in order to accommodate these national heritage horses.

People across America want to preserve the heritage of wild horses and for future generations to enjoy. Please make policies that allow collaboration between public and private sectors to encourage creation and maintenance of horse and burro reserves.

Robin Warren and Friends

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