Stop euthanasia in Alabama

Stop euthanasia in Alabama

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Every day thousands of Animal Shelters across Alabama put animals to death.  For most of these animals, their only crime is that they were abandoned by their owners or given up to the local "humane society".  These shelters across Alabama routinely eliminate animals due to not having room due to the large number of animals they capture.  Many animals have just had babies and both them and their babies are put to death.  This is not the fault of animals, but rather the fault of people that abandon their animals to this fate.  Why are we punishing animals for a problem that is not their fault?  We need to start a TNR program in Alabama and create non-cage shelters where animals can live out their lives without the threat of dying.  No animal should ever die just because it was no longer wanted by its owner.  

Most of the time, when an owner gives up its pet to the local shelter because they can either no longer afford to feed the animal or they are moving to a place that won't allow pets or it cost too much, they are signing a death warrant for that animal.  The animal gets put to death and doesn't understand what it did wrong.  This is heartbreaking and Alabama needs to understand that no civilized state would allow so many animals to be put to death.

In addition, some animal "shelters" will not allow volunteers, adoption events, or fosters to try to save these animals. Some also send healthy, adoptable animals and lost pets to Tuskeegee University where they endure painful lab experiments for months. These innocent babies are kept alive to be tortured, and then they receive money for them.  Tuskeegee kills these babies at the end of the semester when they are "done" with them.

If you care about animals, join with me in telling Governor Kay Ivey that we will not allow this anymore in our state.  We are done and we have had enough.