Tell John Bel Edwards FREE MAMA GLO, Sign the clemency petition already!!!

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Gloria Williams, Louisiana’s longest-serving incarcerated woman, is supposed to be free. Instead, she has Covid-19.

Gloria Williams has been imprisoned since she was in her 20's. She's now 74 years old. Over her long incarceration, she has become a mentor for the younger women at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, where she is known as “Mama Glo.”

The Louisiana Board of Pardons unanimously approved her clemency application in 2019. 

But her approved clemency application has been waiting for the Governor John Bel Edwards' signature for nine months.

Instead of being safe at home at long last with her family, she has been hospitalized with pneumonia from the effects of COVID-19.

Mama Glo should have been free a long time ago. She should not have had to face the coronavirus pandemic in prison. Tell John Bel Edwards to sign her clemency petition today. 

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