LSU Needs to Stop Profiting Off of Free Labor and Pay All Workers the Minimum Wage

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As alumni of Louisiana State University, we are deeply concerned and upset by the continued use of people who are incarcerated in the Louisiana state prison system for free/uncompensated labor on campus. We believe that if LSU, amongst many other state institutions in Louisiana, is going to employ people who are imprisoned, those people need to be paid at least the minimum wage that the state requires.

We are not only alumni but individuals who represent the LSU in our chosen fields; we want to be proud of our alma mater, not distressed by the disturbing levels of profit made by the University off of free labor and not adequately compensating people for their work.  We demand that LSU ensure that every worker employed by the state that works at the University is paid $7.25/hr (at minimum) for their labor. 

We also want to make it clear that as alumni we stand in solidarity with and support all demands being proposed by current student leaders of Blackout LSU.

As alumni of Louisiana State University, we are pushing for the school and campus to be a more just and supportive for all workers. And for LSU to stay true to a significant part of it's own mission statement, "using its extensive resources to solve economic, environmental, and social challenges."