Stop the Brutal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Guangdong (Canton), China.

Stop the Brutal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Guangdong (Canton), China.

November 16, 2014
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Started by Duo Duo Project

Governor Brown. Tell Sister State, Canton Province, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

California and China’s Guangdong Province are now official sister states. Yet the province is responsible for much of China’s horrendous dog and cat meat trade. It accounts for 40% of the dog meat trade and 70% of the cat meat trade in China.  That's about 4 million dogs and 2 million cats - many of them stolen pets! There are established laws in Guangdong against selling dogs and cats for consumption yet these laws are blatantly ignored.  

Undercover investigators have gathered much first-hand evidence that dogs and cats are being stolen, transported long distances and brutally butchered in filthy slaughterhouses. Since many of the animals are captured through poisoning the meat is known to be toxic and is a public health hazard.

Please inform Governor Zhu Xiaodan that California citizens and their friends insist that he issues an official document mandating that the following existing laws be enforced:

 -- Local police and the Animal Husbandry Bureau must follow the official document issued by the Chinese Agricultural Department on April 22, 2013 that prohibits any trucks without the required certificates to transport live or dead dogs and cats into or out of Guandong Province.

-- Restaurants that are serving dog and cat meat should be made to stop and pay fines for violations of Chinese food safety laws. (Chinese FDA law penal code 85 and Criminal Law Code 143). Uninspected meat cannot be sold to consumers under Chinese FDA law, Code 28.

 -- The Trade and Industry Bureau must enforce commercial licensing laws and close illegal slaughterhouses and markets.

We believe these demands are in line with the goal of sister states to establish friendly communications in the areas of tourism, commerce, cultural exchange and public health.

International and Chinese media coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in Guangdong has stained China’s image and severely tarnished California’s sister state relationship. The time to end this tragedy is now. Thank you for taking swift action.

From the Duo Duo  Project (

PS: Please also send Governor Brown a direct email if you can. It's very quick and simple.






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This petition had 121,441 supporters

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