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Petitioning Governor of California Governor Jerry Brown and 9 others

Listen to the Demands of the CA Prisoners kept in Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement such as in SHU's/ASU's is an extra punishment, not handed out by a court, condemned by the UN as torture, and it is not corrective, nor rehabilitative. It is cruel, unusual and immoral. It endangers not only the person inside the SHU/ASU, but also society as a whole.

Letter to
Governor of California Governor Jerry Brown
Assistant Secretary Communications & External Affairs CDCR Deborah Hoffman
Deputy Chief CDCR Albert Rivas
and 7 others
Press Secretary CDCR Jeffrey Callison
North Kern State Prison Warden Sandra Pennywell
CCI-Tehachapi Warden Kim Holland
Warden of CSP-Corcoran Warden Connie Gipson
Warden of San Quentin State Prison Warden Kevin Chappell
Warden of Pelican Bay State Prison, CDCR Warden Greg Lewis
High Desert State Prison Warden Fred Foulk
Please listen to the Demands of the California Prisoners as a response to decades of being locked in Solitary Confinement.

Dear Governor Brown, Secretary Beard, Wardens and others managing CDCR,

The following people politely and persistently ask you to hear the voices of those people locked up indefinitely in solitary confinement units in CDCR-run state prisons. We live in The Netherlands, yet we hear their voices loud and clear.

These are just Five Demands of CALIFORNIA SHU Prisoners of all races, creeds and colors in unity, who collectively went on hunger strike (2011) and are doing this again from July 8th 2013 until these Demands are met by CDCR:

1. Eliminate group punishments. Instead, practice individual accountability.
2. Abolish the debriefing policy and modify active/inactive gang status criteria.
3. Comply with the recommendations of the US Commission on Safety and Abuse in Prisons (2006) regarding an end to long-term solitary confinement.
4. Provide adequate food and hygiene.
5. Expand and provide constructive programs and privileges for indefinite SHU inmates.

Prisoners in the California solitary confinement/control units are not even allowed to use the telephone to speak with their families and loved ones.

Up to the hunger strike of 2011, they were never allowed to have a personal photo made for their family.

No judge has ordered prisoners to be indefinitely housed in SHU’s.
Prisoners are placed in the SHU following a “debriefing” by another prisoner. They only leave when they in turn “debrief” on someone else.

The STG proposals have been met with much criticism, because they do not reflect the concerns of the prisoners in terms of their human rights being not respected. It is time to start listening and to update the draconian measures CDCR has taken since decades to break the spirits of the human beings they keep locked up.

This kind of punishment, condemned by the UN as torture, is not corrective, nor rehabilitative. It is cruel, unusual and immoral!

We urge you to start making changes in prison policies according to these 5 simple demands.

Thank you.
The undersigned:

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