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Keep All Recycling and Charitable Options Open - Veto AB 1978

AB 1978 is an anti-environment, anti-business, and anti-charity bill that seeks to alter the guidelines around drop box collection bins. As a market leader in the textile collection industry, USAgain has been an advocate for regulation of un-permitted bins for many years but AB 1978 is a flawed and excessive bill that will have a negative impact on a wide range of businesses, charities and their beneficiaries across California.

The bill would impose strict and unreasonable guidelines for gaining property owner permissions to place new bins. It also wipes out the liability of towing companies that remove bins ­even bins placed with proper permissions. Many non-profits rely on funds generated by their collection bins to fund programs that benefit the community. Additionally, the bins provide a convenient and eco-friendly way for people to rid themselves of unwanted clothes, shoes, books, home electronics and much more.  The bins keep these items in the use cycle and out of California landfills.

Please join USAgain, the California Resource Recovery Association, the Northern California Recycling Association, the California Police Chiefs Association, D.A.R.E., other non-profits and local businesses in opposing this bill, and ask Governor Jerry Brown to veto AB 1978.



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