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VETO AZ HB2199 - Environmental Audit Privilege AKA Polluter Protection

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If HB 2199 is not vetoed, it will allow the polluters to keep information about environmental law violations secret in their audits. Any information collected cannot be used for enforceable action. The mining industry lobbied hard for this and it was first proposed back in the 1990s. It was rejected repeatedly, including via a veto by then Governor, Fife Symington - and should see a veto now by Gov. Brewer. This bill was introduced by Senator Judy Burges (of Birther Bill and anti sustainability infamy) through a strike all bill. Burges was formerly employed by a mining company which highlights a serious conflict of interest and speculation with regard to ethics.

This bill will not increase environmental compliance - quite the contrary. It serves to harm people, our environment, and will be yet another huge environmental embarrassment to our state. Not only that, but any "whistleblowers" can be punished by law - INFORMATION THAT IS DISCLOSED UNDER SUBSECTION B, PARAGRAPH 3 OF THIS SECTION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND IS NOT SUBJECT TO DISCLOSURE. AN ENTITY, EMPLOYEE OR OFFICIAL OF THIS STATE WHO DISCLOSES INFORMATION IN VIOLATION OF THIS SUBSECTION IS GUILTY OF A CLASS 1 MISDEMEANOR.

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