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The Public Requests WSU Reinstate Dr. Robert Wielgus 100%

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Our Wolves need True Biologists just like Dr. Robert Wielgus that have not caved into pandering Elected Officials like Joel Kretz  or Academic Institutions  when their research is being publicly funded. That Research needs to remain Transparent to the Public. 

"Dr, Robert Wielgus " told Us: To begin with, WSU 's Dean of Agriculture, Ron Mittelhamer conspired and colluded with WDFW's wolf policy lead Donny Martorello and Republican Representative Joel Kretz to mislead and lie to the public, the WAG, and the Washington legislature by defaming and discrediting internationally renowned predator ecologist professor Robert Wielgus of Wsu.

Wielgus reported that his legislatively funded research on wolf livestock depredations could be easily avoided in WaAby keeping livestock away from known wolf dens.

Those results were not what Dean Mittlehamer, WDFW Donny Martorello, or Representative Kretz wanted to be reported. So they destroyed the career and laboratory of WSU Professor Wielgus by charging Wielgus with 4 phony charges ( fiscal misappropriation, illegal use of state resources, illegal political lobbying, and scientific misconduct) and denouncing him as a liar and fraud.

  Dr. Robert Wielgus was making his statements public trying to protect The Profanity Peak Pack due to the fact they are a publicly funded institution. That Oversight obviously needs to come from the Public, not Pandering Elected Officials and Mittlehammer that obviously gave into them.

  Dr. Robert Wielgus refuses to cover up the truth, a Man of his Integrity would not have made these claims were they not based on fact or had the documentation to back them up!

WSU needs to reinstate Dr. Robert Wielgus to 100% Capacity, including all of his Study Programs, settle the current case that they have lost already proven by their own statements. If not, The Public will demand that their funding be cut off due to the allowing the undue influence by Special Interest pandering Elected officials that are violating the very mandates placed upon them under the Public Trust!

  The Public will continue to call for Kretz to be removed from office and charged for issuing indirect Death Threats against Dr. Robert Wielgus as well. They Will not ever quit! These pandering elected officials that continue to support one-sided Old West Mentality Ranchers need to be booted, it is time that Our Children's Children's Resources are protected for them the way that Our ancestors have taught Us!

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