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Allow local governments to say no to fracking

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Hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) has many known risks to individual health, the environment and to individual safety and well being. Despite these risks, the state of Colorado is saying that individual municipalities do not have the right to refuse gas and oil exploration or drilling within their city limits, not even within residential and recreation areas.

As citizens living in a democracy, we should have the right to self-detemination. And our cities and municpalities should have the ability to determine what industrial activites take place within our borders.

The state of Colorado sold our mineral rights without a vote, without a public hearing, without so much as a study determining the true impacts and risks of horizontal hydraulic fracturing. A practice which is not subject to any EPA regulations or oversight. It is not subject to the clean air act, the clean water act, or the safe drinking water act.

As more and more evidence bubbles up from across the sate, and across the country, that hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous and risky method of extracting natural gas, the companies profiting from the practice are putting increasing pressure on states like Colorado to open more wells before stricter regulations are enacted.

In the meantime ground water contamination is rising, drinking water contamination is rampant, soil contamination is killing crops. Air qulity is going down affecting the health and well being of peopl living within a half mile of fracking wells. And those are just the known problems that directly affect the people in the areas where fracking is taking place.

Each fracking well requires up to 5 million gallons of water which is combined with a proprietary and undisclosed combination of chemicals used to break, or fracture, the ground beneath our feet and release the natural gas it holds. That water becomes so contaminated in the process that it must be taken off site and buried 2 miles under the ground in waste water wells, where the oil and gas companies can only pray it will never surface again. That water is used to extinction.

Colorado is already a desert. Can we afford to let 5 million gallons of water PER FRACTURE, PER WELL be used to extinction?

Regardless of your stance on fracking, I believe we can all agree that the real problem here is one of democracy.

The state of Colorado should not have the right to force a city, town or county to allow this practice within their borders. They cannot force a city to accept a Walmart within their borders, they should not be able to force highly impactful industrial activities within their borders either.

I cannot burn a tire in my backyard, but I don't have the right to refuse a fracking well pad 350 feet from the corner of my home.

That is not democracy, that is corpratocracy.

Sign this petition and let the state of Colorado know that they cannot sell our rights without a fight.


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