Governor Whitmer, Let Drive-Ins Open In Michigan

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Let Michigan's drive-ins open.

With indoor theaters being closed due to nationwide lockdowns, drive-in theaters have been the people's only respite to enjoy film entertainment on the big screen, allowing them to escape the depression of being locked in their homes. Drive-In theaters are open in many states and doing extremely well with common sense social distancing rules in place. Yet, the governor of Michigan has still not allowed Michigan drive-ins to open, despite the new rules allowing other businesses to open back up. Even worse, many of these drive-ins are the only income source for those who own and run them. Many families are going to be destitute without the income from these businesses.

Drive-in theaters are practicing safe social distancing by only allowing vehicles in every other parking spot, allowing online ticket sales and concession orders which can be dropped off at vehicles by employees wearing gloves and face masks, and/or picked up from a window, as many restaurants are doing. This and other precautions are keeping drive-in theaters open and safe in many states.

Governor Whitmer, open up these drive-ins.