ALLOW Class of 2020 to RECEIVE licensure without CLINICAL BOARD EXAM

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As a student of the Class of 2020, we are required to pass a total of 5 board exams that are used to help determine a professional competency level. With the PTCE (Patient Treatment Clinical Exam) being removed from licensing requirements this year, the 4 remaining board examinations, the completion of clinical requirements, and a degree from an accredited institution should be acceptable in determining a student's skill.

During this pandemic of COVID-19 and for the future, it is not safe to put ourselves and our patients at risk while also knowing the scarcity of PPE. Searching for a patient that qualifies, and is willing to wait months to get their teeth cleaned is already very challenging. Now patients will wait longer, take off work when they finally go back after months off, and come to a large exam where aerosols are commonly produced and the virus could easily be spread. That being said, it is also difficult to find patients due to school closures. We are putting our grade before a patients health which also violates our code of ethics. The exam is unethical and subjective and does not show a students competency.

Our profession needs to stick together and support each other to ensure this change is seen through. The exam is not necessary; this is a good time for change. 

Please support the Class of 2020 and future hygienists during this tough time.