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‘I used to have a name before coming here but now, to the government and to many more, I’m just a number’ 

Juan Raul Ramirez currently sits on the infamous 'Texas Death Row' innocent of murder.

Juan was sentenced to death in December 2004 under the controversial 'Texas Law of Parties'.

The Texas law of parties states that a person can be criminally responsible for the actions of another in certain circumstances. This means that an innocent man can be put to death for somebody else’s crime.

Juan was given an unfair trial with very poor defence. The only thing that was ever used to convict Juan was a coerced false statement and gang association. No DNA, fingerprints or eye witnesses connect Juan to the crime that he has been convicted of.

Juan has been sat on death row for 15 years now, he is in a tiny room with no human contact apart from the guards and the only chance he ever gets to speak to anyone is when he has his visits which are very rare. Imagine being locked away like an animal for something you did not do. Imagine not knowing when your last day on the earth will be. How would that make you feel?

If Texas is going to sentence someone to death then surely they need enough evidence to end somebody else’s life? Not in this case and many other cases have been the same. Many people have been executed for a crime that they had not committed or a crime that they had insufficient evidence on.

Juan has a lot of people who love and care for him including myself, none of us want to lose him especially because he is an INNOCENT MAN. Juan is a very good friend of mine, we first became pen pals last year and within that year he has shown me how much of a kind, gentle and caring person he is. He has helped me massively in my life and always manages to put a smile on my face. This man does NOT deserve to die. Please help me save this man from something he does not deserve!

Juan needs and deserves a re trial! 

Please help me take this to governor Gregg Abbot who has the power to make a change!