Reinstate Dr. Austin A. Lane as the 12th President of Texas Southern University

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**The current Board of Regents’ actions, including but not limited to — not allowing the requested public hearing (Texas Gov Code 551.074) and changing their bylaws to control all personnel decisions (SACS code 4.2b)— have put the university at risk of losing accreditation in the upcoming SACS review next month. This could render the hundreds of thousands of degrees that have been earned, useless.**

I am a concerned citizen who finds themselves hurt by what the media has coined as a personal vendetta against Dr. Austin A. Lane of Texas Southern University by your appointed Board of Regents. 

Dr. Lane has brought awareness, growth, and visibility to the university. He has enlivened the student body, while he awakened, encouraged, and solidified alumni support. He has increased pride, improved educational attributes, and invigorated the faculty and staff. Instead of this earning him accolades it has drawn ire, jealousy, and disdain.  

These types of attacks on our learned men of character and integrity by those placed politically by a party that may not share in our desires for self betterment must cease. As the governor of all Texans you owe it to us to fill our boards of higher learning with those who care about our educational pursuits and success.  Filling those coveted positions with those who only wish to do us harm while cloaked in authority only stands to harm our state as a whole. When we succeed as a body we succeed as a whole but when we are divided against ourselves we all suffer. 

For the sake of the students, the alumni, and the community at large please step in and correct this atrocity. Remove those persons who would stand in the way of progress and appoint persons who may not share the ballot with you but who want to see a brighter future for the second largest historically black college in the nation. Texas Southern is a jewel we often overlook because it is here in our own backyard, but Tiger lives matter just as much as Longhorns and Aggies. I’m convinced you would not allow this maltreatment of the President at UT or A&M.   

As a citizen and a voter I implore you to intercede and restore the name, reputation, and position of Dr. Austin A. Lane.