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BAN animal breeders in TEXAS.

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Each month in Texas, THOUSANDS of healthy animals are being killed in shelters.

The reasons are many, but breeding is a huge factor in this. Along with uneducated people who choose not to spay and neuter their pets, breeders are contributing to the massive overpopulation animal crisis in Texas.

Imagine if breeders were fined or punished? Imagine if breeding was BANNED? If the laws were ENFORCED??? Think of how many future lives would be saved!
Breeding creates more dogs which is NOT what the state needs when thousands are already being killed for space.

Breeding=more strays ending up in kill shelters and..... tax payers? Your money is being used for keeping these shelters running. If breeding was illegal, your tax dollars could go towards something else! Like education, or childcare, or cleaning up the streets.

Sign now if you demand that the governor make breeding illegal in the state of Texas.

All animal breeders should be fined $1000 as a first warning citation.

Second penalty= jail time.  THIS SHOULD BE ENFORCED BY EACH CITY!

Think of the lives that would be saved, if the governor makes this a law.

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