Demand California Open Indoor Massage & Facial Services

Demand California Open Indoor Massage & Facial Services

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USOLMT started this petition to State of California Governor Gavin Newsom and

We, the undersigned citizens petition the State of California to allow Spas in the state to open for indoor Massage Therapy and Facial services immediately.  Together we demand that the Spa Industry and its National Associations in the State of California be included in regulatory discussions and decisions from this point forward.

  • Orders to provide Massage Therapy and Esthetic Services outdoors are erroneous. 
  • Due to public health measures that do not allow facials, estheticians are limited to performing waxing services only.  It is inappropriate to perform lower body services such as genital waxing (bikini or Brazilian) outdoors and violates indecent exposure penal codes.
  • Massage Therapy is performed in a sanitized room within a spa which averages 10 x 12 feet for the practitioner to move around a 6-foot table while performing massage services. Public Sidewalks and Parking Lots are unacceptable places to perform Massage Therapy.  While there may be some areas of California where it is convenient to practice Massage outdoors, most businesses do not have the space to do this, leaving them no other option, except to remain closed. 
  • The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards formed a coalition that created a detailed document for the safest possible reopening of Massage Therapy, which the California Massage Therapy Council posted for reopening spas in the safest manner possible. Please See:  Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards Guidelines  
  • At this point, Facial services are not allowed to be performed by Estheticians.  It is reasonable to believe, based on Mask Information from the CDC that N-95, KN-95, Surgical Masks and Face Shields are appropriate barriers for performing facials and are now readily available from suppliers.  We demand this restriction be lifted. 

We demand that all businesses offering Facials and Massage Therapy be granted the opportunity to work indoors as long as they are following all guidelines set by the CDC, the FSMTB referenced above, the State of California, California Massage Therapy Council, and the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, which are appropriate and sufficient for these businesses to reopen in the State of California. 

We are concerned with the opening of personal services businesses in Santa Clara County and the closures that followed only 3 days later.  An investment had to be made to meet the requirements listed by the state for re-opening.  Here is a breakdown of reopening expenses for the average day spa:

Reopening Expenses
PPE & Cleaning Supplies     (2 spas)
Disinfectant  - 200
Wipes 400
Hand Sanitizer 250
Plexi Shields for 2 desks 300
HEPA Filters 800
Gloves 80
Disposable Aprons 80
Disposable Table Paper 120
Face Shields 280
Face Masks 140
Marketing 500
Salaries to clean/prepare/Train Staff 1200
Total Cost for Reopening for 2 days $4,350.00

Other Ongoing Fixed Expenses
5 months of rent 41000
Internet 500
Licenses 932
Phone 676
Utilities 613
Total $43,721.00

Expenditures for Closure So Far $48,071.00
Income $0.00

The spa industry, which generated 18.3 Billion Dollars in the United States in 2019 does not have a voice in public health regulation and oversight.  Without one,  we foresee many future closures and the imminent collapse of an industry that had one of the highest growth rates in the continental US prior to Covid19.  




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!