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Out of sight of all but the privileged, 20 or more orangutans have been held in terrible cages over the past 20 years at the Jakarta (Ragunan) Zoo.

The zoo has always been reluctant to pay for their upkeep, leaving a now 90 year old lady to use her pension to pay for the orangutans food and their keepers over many years. Visitors to this ‘behind the scenes’ location have been so shocked by what they saw and heard they have given donations to pay for the orangutans next day’s food. Each time Nature Alert visited they took food for the orangutans and money to pay the keepers...........this, in Indonesia’s national zoo.

Successive zoo management have ignored all pleas from Nature Alert and others to help these orangutans. In the meantime the zoo has spent a vast fortune on new cages for gorillas – of all species, one or more of which has not surprisingly died at the zoo. The gorillas were/are part of some ill conceived and executed plan to move gorillas from a British zoo to the Jakarta Zoo, when the zoo would not even take care of its own native great apes. Total madness and a vast waste of money.

At the time of writing the zoo management are in a blind panic in response to growing public awareness and criticism. Work has begun on building new enclosures for the orangutans, but it’s not enough and too slow.

Please take a look at some of the photos of these orangutans by clicking on the link below.

Will you please sign this petition to help these orangutans? They can’t help themselves can they?


Thank you.

Nature Alert

“Only when we understand can we care. Only when we care shall we help. Only if we help will all be saved.”    Jane Goodall.

Letter to
Governor Fauzi Bowo Governor Fauzi Bowo
Governor Fauzi Bowo Governor Fauzi Bowo
Governor Fauzi Bowo
and 2 others
Governor Fauzi Bowo
Governor Fauzi Bowo

Dr. H. Ing Fauzi Bowo
Governor Dki
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 8-9
Jakarta Pusat

Dear Governor Fauzi Bowo,

Ragunan Zoo's Secret and Sadistic Orangutan Horror Show

As you know, Ragunan - your very own city zoo, has for two decades or more treated over 20 orangutans like criminals on death row.

As you read this letter there are orangutans at this national zoo who sit hunched up in dark cells, never feeling the sun on their backs, the warm rain on their bodies, the wind through their long red hair. All day long they are forced to sit on the floor and stare at thick iron bars. How does this make you feel Governor? Now can you imagine how these poor, suffering orangutans feel?

The zoo brings pain on the orangutans and shame on Jakarta/Indonesia. Why Indonesia’s national zoo won’t take proper care of its country’s’ native orangutans, concerns me....does it worry you Governor?

I hope you, someone I believe to be a caring person, will use every single ounce of your power to force the zoo to relocate these orangutans without further delay, starting with those in the so-called ‘quarantine’ centre which is really a terrible punishment block for the innocent orangutan victims.

Yours sincerely,

A Friend of the Orangutans.

“Many animals experience pain, anxiety, and suffering, physically and psychologically, when they are held in captivity or subjected to starvation, social isolation, physical restraint, or painful situations from which they cannot escape.” Marc Bekoff

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