Stop Fatal Accidents on 10 Freeway in Buckeye, AZ

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The segment of the I-10 freeway between Verrado Way and Miller Road in Buckeye is too narrow, the speed limit is too fast for conditions and traffic, and the law enforcement presence is almost non-existent.  Times have changed.  The population has grown and spread.  What used to be a section of road that was as relatively inconsequential as the rest of the roads between Buckeye and Quartzsite is now far more heavily used, but the freeway itself hasn't caught up with the growth.  So, we have an inordinate amount of fatal and serious injury accidents in that short, but dangerous corridor.  

We propose the widening of the freeway from Verrado Way to Miller Road in both westbound and eastbound directions.  We propose that the speed limit be reduced to 65 miles per hour.  We propose that DPS have a stronger presence in that area.  We propose to save lives.  We propose that we no longer accept the needless deaths and life-altering injuries that occur in a tiny, but alarmingly unsafe roadway.