Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in Arizona

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I strongly oppose Arizona’s allowance of wildlife killing contests. Such contests are offensive in their wanton waste of wildlife and disregard for the important ecological role of coyotes and other predators in maintaining ecosystem health and species diversity.

Blood sport contests are conducted for profit, entertainment, prizes and, simply, for the "fun" of killing. Such contests degrade the reputation of the ethical sportsman of Arizona and perpetuate a culture of violence, sending a message to children that life has little value and that an entire species of animals is disposable.

I urge you to use your authority to prohibit wildlife killing contests in Arizona and to set the trend for the nation by moving this great state toward more responsible, science-based, and ethical wildlife stewardship.

It is time that the Commission and the Department develop comprehensive regulations and policies to reform and modernize predator management in Arizona. These regulations and policies should reflect current science, conservation biology, and the ecological principles of ecosystem-based management as well as proven coexistence practices that are more likely to yield better outcomes for wildlife and people.

It’s time to institute “ecosystem based management” and the best science in its stewardship of Arizona’s wildlife. It makes good sense to start at the top —with the apex predators upon whose viability our entire ecosystem depends. 

Thank you for taking my concerns into consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.