Lockdown Arizona

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3/23/20: As the number of cases of COVID19 escalates, thousands of people are not practicing social distancing. People are at bars, parks, hiking on crowded paths, shopping at Home Depot and grocery stores, congregating in neighborhoods, hanging out in groups at homes and ignoring what we need to decrease the curve. It is selfish.

We need to lockdown the country. Every physician in the entire United States knows this. We, Arizona physicians and non physicians, are begging for the Governor to lock down the State since the President will not make the decision. Please protect us. Every hour that people are out on the streets adds weeks to how long this will last - not to mention the insurmountable number of deaths that will also occur because of it. 

The government is not shutting us down so the Governor needs to take action NOW.

Please prevent more from dying. Prevent more health care workers from getting sick. Prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. Prevent doctors from choosing who gets a ventilator. Prevent something worse than The Great Depression.

Go to COVIDactnow.org and see what will happen if we continue on this route. We are in the NO ACTION curve now on 3/23/20. This is not humane.

From: the hearts of Arizona physicians across the valley