Save Honey Bees from Being Poisoned by Herbicide.

Save Honey Bees from Being Poisoned by Herbicide.

June 9, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Honey bees are essential pollinators that are responsible for the majority of foods we eat every day.   Without honey bees our diets would be rather boring.  Why does this matter?  Because honey bees are dying.  The foods that they consume: nectar, pollen and water are often contaminated with herbicide and surfactant residues due to the spraying of herbicide on flowering plants.  Please watch the following video for more information about how to identify honey bees and beeswax combs that have been contaminated with herbicide and surfactant residues.  

What's Happening to the Bees

Many countries have banned the use of synthetic herbicides & pesticides due to the toxicity.  Syngenta is based out of Switzerland, which has banned the use of Syngenta's products.  Why does the United States continue to allow the use of these chemicals here when so many other countries won't allow their use at all?  

Countries & U.S. states that have banned synthetic pesticides.

Although other countries and many U.S. states are acknowledging the dangers of herbicides and pesticides, especially on pollinators, such as honey bees, and aquatic life, such as fish.  We see the effects of herbicide, as shown in the video link above.  With all this information, how is it possible that the 5 most toxic pesticides are still in use in the U.S.A. and on Hawaii island now? 

5 Pesticides Used in U.S. are Banned in Other Countries

Hawaii laws clearly state that anyone using herbicide in a manner that results in harm to the environment is in violation of the label and the law.  

Hawaii Laws Regarding Herbicide Use

  All you have to do is drive around Hawaii island and you can see the effects of herbicide everywhere.  Roadside flowers are often sprayed by county workers and residents, even though the herbicide labels clearly state not to spray flowering plants.  Too many people are misusing these products and the effects of this misuse are now visible through the bees. 

 We need to ban the use of herbicide in Hawaii.  We need to put a stop to the continual pollution, desecration, and death that is being caused by these chemicals.  

Most of the chemicals used in agriculture to maintain unruly weeds and pests contain neurotoxins and/or cholinesterase inhibitors.  Both have seriously harmful effects on the bodies of all living creatures, even us.  

You can be part of the change.  Your voice and your vote matters!  Sign this petition to ban the use of synthetic pesticides on Hawaii island and to promote and encourage the use of natural and alternative weed control methods.  

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Signatures: 1,319Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

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