Bring The ASPCA to Hawai'i

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Disaster has hit the Lower East Rift Zone of the Kilauea Volcano

A month ago lava started spewing out of streets in a residential neighborhood. People left so many animals, not knowing what do to with them or how to transport them. We, as a community of volunteers, have done the best we can to save as many as we can. With the authority and man power of The ASPCA, we could've done so much more. Also, our kill rate in our shelters is extremely high, so a majority of the unclaimed animals will most likely be put down if the sanctuaries and fosters are full and we aren't able to ship them all out.

There are still owners who are reluctant to move their livestock and domestic animals from their farms and houses, even with the warnings and obvious lava on their way. The air is toxic down there, the grass is dead and covered in pele's hair and cinder. All the bugs are dead. People are leaving chickens, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, and horses down there. Waiting until the last minute to allow evacuation. I watched on LIVE, a road that I knew had a herd of cows that hadn't been evacuated yet, get covered in lava. The cows died most likely. The owners left them there knowing the cracks in the road were there and they needed to get their animals out. They had options for transportation, help with catching, and pasture. They didn't take the offers. Their herd perished. So many more stories like this. Another person only took some animals and knowingly left others, had plenty of time and tons of help to go back and get the rest... But didn't, and refused the help, when the help could've still helped. Those animals are now lava locked and most likely dead. 

With the authority of the ASPCA, those people would've had their animals moved or confiscated in time to save them. There's no excuse! 

That being said, we have a horrendous animal cruelty rate here, and desperately need the help of the ASPCA to give animals the rights they deserve. We also have so many people, who allow their dogs to be off 24/7; chasing and biting people and other dogs walking in the roadways, without any real consequences to the owners. We need the ASPCA to stop the back and forth between HIHS and HPD and just get the job done already. Enough. One stop shop. The ASPCA. 

Bring the ASPCA to Hawaii, and let them stay. ❤️

I really do appreciate all of what HIHS has done to help, we just need more help, more man power, and more authority. HPD is way busy enough with crime and other lava issues to have to deal with ALL the animal complaints in the state. Why not want to relieve some of the "burden" so that they can focus on helping people and controlling crime? Just a thought. I'm not mad. I was irritated seeing all these animals left behind. But I can't exert all my energy on having feelings or I will exhaust. I wrote this at 1:30 in the morning, and could've probably written it better had I spent a little more time and wasn't tired. I don't mean any disrespect to HPD or HIHS. We just need change.