Veto S7722- The 'Special Education Placement' Bill

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Veto S7722- The 'Special Education Placement' Bill

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This bill will allow educational placement based on "family background", which is code for race or ethnicity. It would require schools to pay for placing a white child in an all-white private school simply because the parents don't want their child a mixed environment. The bill applies to children with special education needs; the cost of special education in a private school can be $83,000 per year or more.

This bill provides no funding to school districts to cover this cost, so dollars would have to be taken away from other students’ education, resulting in huge increases in property taxes or devastating cuts to public school programs. It is an unconstitutional reversal of school desegregation as defined in Brown v. Board, and an unfunded mandate to local school districts.

This bill does not protect special education children.  This bill favors religious groups over everyone else. This bill will cost public school districts millions of dollars and will create a segregated school system using taxpayer money.  Governor Cuomo, please veto this bill.

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