Petition to Reopen NYS Gymnastics Clubs

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We thank Governor Cuomo for his steadfast leadership and determination, in the face of adversity, while managing the COVID-19 global pandemic in our state of New York.  While we know this will be a long process to slowly release New York on Pause restrictions, we look forward to reopening the great state of New York. 

This pandemic and the closure of gymnastics training facilities across New York state has impacted our entire community; be it, the health of our cities and neighbors, our hardworking staff, our students and their families, and our businesses as a whole.  Our first priority is protecting the safety of our young athletes, their families, and our staff.   We care deeply for our athletes as our facilities are often described as their second home.  We have competitive gymnasts who spend upwards of 25 hours per week with us while striving to become National Champions in their sport with hopes of college scholarships.  Our gyms also serve as child care for summer camps, and offer classes for athletes aging from infancy up through high school.  Our athletes adore being in the gym to stay active and have fun. The sport of gymnastics promotes both the physical and mental health of children by keeping them moving, active, and challenged.  It is also important to note that gymnasts compete and train individually, which easily ensures social distancing guidelines will be followed. 

I know that you understand the financial crisis small businesses are dealing with at this time, but I am writing to plead with you to allow training facilities to reopen their businesses safely.  We look forward to seeing the guidelines that we will adhere to as we fully support all updated protocol that will protect the health and safety of our students and staff. We are asking that you give us the opportunity to show that we can operate within all current New York State policies and CDC guidelines.

Unfortunately many gymnastics training facilities in the state of New York are struggling financially, as in-person learning is what our customers come to expect from us.  We have large facilities and locations, which means a high cost of rent and utilities.  We are all doing our best to stay afloat, so that when we are able to, we will safely open our doors, while adhering to all guidelines.  The upside of our large facilities, is that implementing social distancing parameters will not be an issue for our schools, as we have the space to do so. 

Club owners  are coming together, in the state of New York, and across the country in order to share their plans to adapt to the new normal in our field of work.  Gym owners, who were often thought of as the competition, are letting down their walls, rolling up their sleeves, and getting to work, together, for the good of our sport and its community.  We are confident that we are ready and  prepared to take on these changes at our locations and open safely. 

We remain committed to following all procedures set forth by the state of New York along with CDC guidelines specific for young athletes.  We will continue to exercise caution and safety as we welcome our patrons back to our establishments. 

 Now that the State is beginning the reopening process, we are asking that gymnastics training facilities be allowed to begin the reopening process now in phase one or two, and not wait until Phase Four, as is the current plan. Given that opportunity, we will reopen slowly, safely, and with the best interest of students, parents, and staff.  We will be able to monitor exactly how many people walk through our doors at all times.

We cannot adequately express our appreciation for Governor Cuomo's devotion to New Yorkers and the trust you have placed in our hands to follow your lead.

Please consider signing this petition to demonstrate that you have confidence that your gymnastics school is ready to open now, rather than in phase 4.