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CBS2 Jones Beach Carolyn Gusoff Video Interview

On the evening of July 21, 2015 my husband John F Mullady age 68 had a heart attack while driving out from a concert at the Jones Beach Nikon Theater. We had just rounded the water tower heading west on Ocean Pkwy when he let go of the wheel. I was able to slow the car down and crash into the woods. I called 911 at 11:31 pm. I ran out into the street to try to flag down help as I wasn't strong enough to pull my husband out on my own and I couldn't reach the buckle to his seat belt. 6 minutes later a park police car drove up a distance behind. I ran over and begged him to please get my husband out of the driver's seat to do CPR as everyone knows, minutes even seconds matter.  He said "they are coming mam". "That night, I was the only officer on patrol for the park police" said Troy Caupain. Finally another officer arrived, pulled him out of the car and they began to to administer CPR.  EMT's who are stationed at the first aid office at the boardwalk arrived (took them 10 minutes to get over to us at 11:41) and applied AED's (defibrillator) shocked him 3X. It took the Wantagh Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance 18 minutes to arrive from the mainland. I was upset because we had seen police and an ambulance present in the Jones Beach Nikon Theater parking lot only a few minutes from where we were. I asked why that ambulance couldn't assist since it was nearby and I was told that the Nikon Theater run by Live Nation  privately hires that ambulance and it wasn't the type of ambulance needed to help with my husband's heart attack anyway. And it's manned by EMT's not paramedics. So apparently if you have a heart attack at the theater, which holds 15,000 seats, you'll still have to wait 18 minutes for the volunteer ambulance to arrive from Wantagh or Merrick. My husband died an hour later at the Nassau University Medical Center at 12:28 am. I would like to know what precinct the 911 dispatcher called and why it took so long for them to arrive. When I called the Nassau Police Legal Bureau they said they had no record of it. I would like to know what protocol should be followed when the first car arrives as a person is buckled and dying of a heart attack in his car. Park Police wouldn't answer this either, even though I filed a freedom of information request. I had read just one month prior to this incident about then PBA President Manny Vilar addressing recent problems regarding limited manning at the Jones Beach State Park and other Parks on Long Island. "The PBA warns only “35 State Park Police officers” will kick off the season patrolling all “26 Long Island parks” that draw 19 million summer visitors." That they were hiring young college students part time as rangers to fill in the gaps with no experience in policing. "Basically, college kids that come out for a summer job. It’s a part-time job. There is no police training,” said Troy Caupain, director of the New York State Park Police Officers’ Association.They had actually stated that someday, some poor guy is going to have a heart attack and not get help in time. One month later, this was my husband's fate. There was never anything reported about the accident in the news. My daughter couldn't locate the accident report for several weeks for the auto insurance since the police had filed it under the wrong name. Jones Beach Nikon Theater holds 15,000 seats. The Memorial Day Air Show draws 500,000 people and Fourth of July averages 100,000. The Park Police are in charge, yet have no permanent park ambulance that can assist with a heart attack victim. The night my husband died the park police had one lone officer patrolling 5 Nassau County Parks. You have to wait 18 minutes for the Wantagh or Merrick Volunteer Fire Dept. on the mainland. My husband and I bought passes every year and walked on the boardwalk as a routine, attended 3 or 4 concerts in the summer...never with a thought that we wouldn't be helped in a timely manner if need be. John F Mullady was a Combat Vietnam Veteran and a Purple Heart Recipient. His tank hit a mine and he was blown 100 feet in the air, landed on his head and got help. To have him die at Jones Beach this way is a disgrace. This year, instead of going to the air show on Memorial Weekend...I drove out to Calverton National Cemetery with my children to visit their Dad.

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Mary Ann Mullady

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