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Investigate unethical activity of Farahi/Board of Trustees/Admin.of Kean U

President Dawood Farahi, of Kean University, has been accused of lying on SIX of his resumes over the course of THIRTY YEARS about 50 publications he never wrote, a Dean position in Avila he never held, and the Morris Abrams Award for "best dissertation" he never received. Evidence documenting these lies has been reported by numerous respected news organizations, among them The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He has taken "full responsibility" for the errors he has made, yet he is being allowed to stay in power. These serious allegations, which he publicly admitted to in a statement released to the media, are detrimental and not conducive to a proper learning environment. Acceptance of these faults with no repercussions set the example for inappropriate behavior. According to the Kean University Policies and Procedures section of the Handbook, "faculty and administrators of Kean University are committed to creating an environment in which academic integrity is supported and academic dishonesty is not tolerated". The majority of the members of the Board of Trustees has allowed this man to maintain his position, with total disregard to the reputation of the school, the students and most importantly the rules that were set by the school, for its community as a whole, no exceptions. As a result, the Board has failed the students, the faculty as well as the taxpayers of New Jersey.  We implore the Governor to take action as soon as possible, as Senator Lesniak has chosen to turn a blind eye to the recent goings-on. The president of our school lied about his resume, which is a direct violation of our school's Integrity Policy.  But the school hasn't fired him.  Sign our petition to tell the governor to step in and fire Kean University President Dawood Farahi for lying.

The split decision of the Board of Trustees to leave the current Fraudulent President in power has brought about feelings of distrust in the leadership of the school. Because Dr. Farahi is the President of the school, according to the Board's statement, "The existing policy applies solely to students", and so he was absolved of his actions. Clearly, our Integrity Policy states that it applies to students, faculty, administrators and ALL MEMBERS OF THE KEAN COMMUNITY. Dr. Farahi, since his actions have been exposed, has done nothing but blame others for his mistakes, all while proclaiming himself the "champion" of Kean for 30 years, as was stated in a University-wide Public Relations e-mail all students received on his behalf.
As a result of this injustice, students have began to speak out. Under his watch, some students have been threatened into silence by the very people who teach them, with threats of GRADE REDUCTION, if they participate in any form of  peaceful protest. Athletes have been forewarned that, THEY TOO WOULD LOSE THEIR ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS.
Why should the students not be heard? The students of Kean, as well as the citizens/taxpayers of New Jersey have a right to know where their money is going. Precious grant money is being used for new structures that the students barely have classes in, and the school debt has grown exponentially as a result of  the addition of new structures the students feel are unnecessary.  Plans for more buildings are currently under way.  Meanwhile, the buildings we are taking classes in have crumbling walls, broken blinds that make it impossible to see the board/screen, leaking floors, leaking roofs, growing classrooms but less full time professors (student/teacher ratio 49:1), a disproportionate ratio of adjuncts (who have no offices/office hours) to full time faculty approx. 1100:300 (which means adjuncts teach OVER 50% of our classes), moldy dorms, no parking; these are a few of the issues we have constantly voiced, but our BASIC needs as students have been IGNORED for the sake of aesthetics. We need a competent leader who does not use fear tactics, his administration, (some) faculty, and at times, campus police to unlawfully intimidate students from exercising their First Amendment Rights. We need a leader who lives up to the standards of a President, while taking the needs of the students and faculty into consideration. We need a leader who does not involve us in NCAA scandals, as well as put us at risk of losing accreditation, which would ruin the lives of so many.


We were told to move on, but we cannot simply move on from such corruption.

The students need your help to do this, Governor Christie. PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR ALMA MATER!

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