Cocktails for Commonwealth

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Tens of thousands of independent restaurants closed their doors in the fight against COVID-19.  In just a matter of days, millions of restaurant industry workers in America lost their jobs. How will these workers pay rent, care for children, and feed themselves and their families? What will happen to the independent businesses— the diners, bars, cafes, and restaurants— that make our towns and cities so special? 

States across America have implemented new laws to alleviate restrictions on alcohol sales. Many of these states have seen success and even expanded these temporary measures due to the results seen in helping to keep small businesses open during this challenging time. 

We need the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to allow bars and restaurants with on-premise licenses to sell their carefully spirits in original container and crafted cocktails as a way to increase revenue during these trying times.

Governor Charlie Baker has the power to allow bars and restaurants to sell their signature cocktails for delivery and pickup.

Please join me in signing this petition and in calling, writing letters, posting on social media until we are heard.

Here is a sample letter:

Governor Baker,

Thank you for your efforts to support small businesses such as restaurants and bars who have temporarily shuttered due to COVID-19. You have had to make many difficult choices over these past weeks; we see and appreciate the steps you are taking during this trying time for everybody. 

Allowing businesses to sell Beer and Wine helps, but it is not enough. We also ask that you updated on-premise privileges for licensed businesses to allow bars and restaurants to sell mixed beverages in sealed containers for curbside pickup and delivery. This won't fix everything, but it offers a glimmer of hope and something that can help keep the lights on for small businesses right now.

Thank you.