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We are asking Governor Brown to assign the function of considering concepts and proposals for the future economic, social and political structures of our state to the Lt. Governor's office, to be seriously considered and reviewed. Further, that the best of those visions will be passed along to the Governor and the leaders of both state houses to be given equal consideration to other pressing crises of today which presently get all of the attention.

With state economies in ruin, people suffering and politics more polarized and vicious than ever, any hope for ideas for the future, for needed  21st century changes and ways of solving problems, is immediately buried and forgotten by our state governments. We understand, governors and legislators must deal with immediate crises (even poorly, as they do)  But it is in visions for the future that many of the most pressing problems of today might be actually be solved.  For now, they don't stand a chance of even getting read - let alone serious review or consideration.  Eyeballs roll, votes get counted and nothing happens. Still, the way out of some of our messes might just be sitting in that pile of 'no time-not now' concepts no one ever sees,  that sit in the bottom drawer of some government 'nowhere file'.  State governor's all make pretty speeches calling for vision and new ideas, but rarely mean it.  Its just so much feel-good rhetoric.

Instead, we suggest the matter of soliciting and sorting through the most promising and worthy ideas for the future be formally assigned as a task to a government office.  In California, we think the ideal place for that function would be the in the office of the LT. Governor.  That office has often been ridiculed and maligned as being a 'do-nothing' place that would be better off abolished. Sac Bee articles underscore its "limited duties" and some columnists have suggested the best thing a Lt. Governor can do for the state is to go home and spend time with his family.

We say making that office responsible for actively soliciting those ideas from the people of the state and aggressively promoting the best of them to the other agencieas and officials of government might just make that useless bit of idle time one of the most important places in the state.  An "ombudsman" for positive change rather than the offices of ''business as usual"  for 20th century complaints.